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Hajikami-toge Pass Route

Hongu-do Road Stretching through a Forest
About 5.5 Km, 2 hrs. and 10 mins. from Yokogaki-toge-noboriguchi bus stop to Takachira bus stop


Yokogaki-toge-noboriguchi Bus Stop → 1.2 Km. 30 mins. → Junction of Forest Paths →
1 Km 30 mins → Yokogaki-toge Pass → 0.4 Km 10 mins. → Watering Place →
2.8 Km 60 mins → Takachira Bus Stop

yokogaki-toge Kumano Kodo once forked at Arima, a town famous for its Hana-no-iwaya Shrine. The shrine is actually a huge rock dedicated to Izanami-no-mikoto, a god and creator of the Japanese Islands. One fork is Hama-kaido known as the pilgrimage road which stretches south along the seashore to Shingu Taisha Shrine and 33 Kannon Temples in western Japan.
yokogaki-toge The other is the Hongudo Road which stretches through a forest, crossing the Kumano-gawa River to Hongu-taisha Shrine. In this route, Yokogaki-toge Pass leads from Konogi to Sakamoto just before Fuden-toge Pass.
Passing Mizutsubo-jizo, a stone statue of the guardian deity, there’s a rest stop at the top of Yokogaki-toge Pass.