Hajikami-toge Pass Route

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Hajikami-toge Pass Route

Splendid Viewing Spot Where the Edo-no-michi Path and Meiji-no-michi Path Meet.
About 8.4 Km, 2 hrs. and 40 mins. from JR Minose Station to JR Funatsu Station


Minose Station → 1.1 Km 20 mins. → Starting Point → 1.7 Km 40 mins. →
Hajikami-toge Pass → 2.1 Km 40 mins. → Miyatani-ike Pond → 1 Km 20 mins. →
Ofuna-bashi Bridge → 2.5 Km 40 mins. → Funatsu Station

matsumoto-toge Hajikami-toge Pass forms the boundary between Kii-Nagashimacho and Miyama-cho. A national highway (Route 42) and the JR Kisei Line run through the tunnel right below the Pass. The starting point is at the back of the power station called“Miyagawa Daini Hatsudensho”. This route was recently reconstructed by the local community and even offers free walking sticks. The area is breathtaking in spring when the trail is covered with cherry blossoms. One has a panoramic view of the sea, where a path used in the Meiji Period, on thenorthside of Route 42 meets with a path used during the Edo Period, on the southside of Route 42. On the pass Suzuki Bokushi created the following Haiku:
matsumoto-toge 大洋に潮の花や朝日の出
Oh-wadani ushio-no-hana-ya asa-hi-node
White caps of waves when the morning sun comes out of the ocean After viewing beautiful scenery, take the Meiji-no-michi Path to descend.