Sone-jirozaka-Tarozaka Route

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Sone-jirozaka-Tarozaka Route

Boundary between Shima Province and Kii Province
About 5 Km, 2 hrs. and 30 mins. from JR. Kata Station to JR Nigishima Station


Kata Station → 1.4 Km 30 mins. → Starting Point → 1.5 Km 40 mins. → Hobo-toge Pass →
2 Km 60 mins. → Nigishima Station

sone-toge Hobo-toge Pass, which forms the boundary between Owase and Kumano Cities, is also called Sone-Jirozaka-Tarozaka. The pass was originally the boundary between Kii and Shima Provinces. The nickname of the pass“Jirozaka-Tarozaka”, is said to come from“Jiryo, which literally means“own land” and Taryo”which means “Other’s land”.

sone-toge The trail from Sone in Owase City to Nigishima stretches in almost the same route as the Sone Tunnel and also leads to the path descending to the town of Hobo. This trail from the pass leads to the Nigishima starting point next to the tunnel.