kannon-michi Path Route

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kannon-michi Path Route

Kannon Stone Statues on the Path Watches over Hikers
About 4.7 Km, 2 hrs. and 50 mins. from Odomari Station to Hadasu Station


Odomari Station → 0.5 Km 15 mins. → Odomari Starting Point → 1.4 Km 60 mins →
Hionzan-Seisui-ji Temple → 1.8 Km 75 mins. → Starting Point at Hadasu →
1 Km 20 mins → Hadasu Station

Kannon An ancient pilgrimage path leads from Odomari to Hadasu. Located about 1 kilometer up a mountain path is Hionzan-seisui-ji Temple. The temple is commonly called Tomari Kannon and surrounded by stonewalls. Though the entrance slope is steep, Buddhist stone statues which line both sides of the trail are said to console the hikers. During the Edo Period, the pilgrimage to 33 Kannon Temples in Western Japan gained popularity with the rapid spread of Kannon Bodhisattva worship throughout the country. Kannon, literally means “hears our cry”. kannon Kannon Bodhisattva known for its compassion is said to appear in 33 forms to save people. A religious association for the pilgrimage called Kannon Ko was created around Tomari Kannon. Many followers offered stone statues connected with 33-Kannon Temple pilgrimage, on the trail to Sensui-ji Temple. They help to retain the atmosphere of bygone days. Sensui-ji Temple was built in 809 by Sakanoue Tamuramaro who is well known in legend for slaying an evil spirit.