Crossing Yaki-yama Mount Route

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Crossing Yaki-yama Mount Route

Perilous Pass
About 10 Km, 4 hrs. from Mukai bus stop to JR Mikisato Station


Mukai Bus Stop → 0.4 Km 10 mins. → Owase Folk Song Monument → 0.4 Km 10 mins →
Starting Point → 1 Km 30 mins. → Kago-tateba (Site of the Palanquin Stand) →
2 Km 60 mins. → Kuki-toge Pass → 0.8 Km 20 mins. →
Miki-toge Pass (Roundtrip to and from Sakura-no-mori Area 0.7 Km 15 mins.) →
1.8 Km 40 mins. → Junction of the Meiji-nomichi and Edo-no-michi Paths 0.8 Km 15 mins. →
Nagara Milestone → 2.1 Km 40 mins. → Mikisato Station    

yakiyama-toge Pilgrims have called Yaki-yama (627 meters above sea level) the most perilous mountain in western Japan. Along with a steep trail and much precipitation, bandits and wolves once plagued the pilgrims. Jizo, a stone statue of the guardian deity of children (also a milestone) and tombstones of pilgrims are situated by the stone path. Crossing Miki-toge Pass and

yakiyama-toge walking a little farther, you can find an open viewing spot covered with grass called the Sakura-no-mori Area. The spot commands a panoramic view of the Kumano-nada Sea and is the best place to rest for lunch. There are two paths, Edo-nomichi and Meiji-no-michi to descend to Mikisato.