Ikkoku-toge Pass to the Kumanogaya-michi Path Route

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Ikkoku-toge Pass to the Kumanogaya-michi Path Route

Relaxing Views of the Kumano-nada Sea
About 7.9 Km, 3 hrs. from Kata-kyokai-mae bus stop to JR Minose Station


Kata-Kyokai-mae Bus Stop → 0.4 Km 10 mins. → Ikkoku-toge Pass → 1.2 Km 30 mins. →
Hirakata-toge Pass → 2 Km 40 mins. → Viewing Platform → 1.8 Km 40 mins →
Kumagayamichi Path Starting Point → 2.5 Km 60 mins. → Minose Station

Ikkoku-toge Follow the gentle slope through the forest from Ikkoku-toge Pass to Hirakata-toge Pass.
Hirakata Toge Pass descends through the forest to the coastline. Ikkoku-toge Though most of the trails of Kumano Kodo are steep mountain paths, this trail is a scenic, relaxing route along the beach, offering a view of a group of small islands called Kii-no-Matsushima and the vast expanse of the Kumanonada Sea.
Passing Doze-kaigan Beach and Kumagaya-michi, a winding path stretches right above the tunnel.