Nigishima-toge Pass to Okamizaka-toge Pass Route

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Nigishima-toge Pass to Okamizaka-toge Pass Route

Meeting Space of Gods of Ise and Kumano
About 4.5 Km, 2 hrs. and 30 mins.from JR Nigishima Station to JR Atashika Station


Nigishima Station → 0.6 Km 30 mins. → Starting Point → 0.7 Km 40 mins. →
Nigishima-toge Pass → 0.8 Km 30 minis. → Okamizaka-toge Pass → 2 Km 40 mins. →
Atashika Station    

Nigishima-kaido Nigishima-toge Pass and Okamizaka-toge Pass connect Nigishima and Atashika in Kumano City.
The JR Okamizaka Tunnel runs right under this trail.Along most of the trail, a moss covered stone path stretches through cedar and cypress forests.
You can enjoy this exhilarating hiking on the moderate slope up and down the hill.

Nigishima-kaido Okami literally means “Gods meet.”This pass might be the place where the gods in Ise and Kumano met. However, Okami can also mean “wolves” so the path may be named for the wolves that appeared in the area.