Tsuzurato-toge Pass Route

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Tsuzurato-toge Pass Route

Gateway to Kishu Overlooking the Kumano-nada Sea
About 9 Km, 3 hrs. and 30 mins. from JR Umegadani Station to JR Kii-Nagashima Station


Umegadani Station → 1.7 Km 40 mins. → Tochiko (Fire Station) →1.4 Km 30 mins. →
Starting Point → 0.9 Km 30 mins. → Tsuzurato-toge Pass → 2 Km 40 mins. →
Shikooku Starting Point → 1 Km 20 mins. → Shiko /Route 422 → 2 Km 50 mins. →
Kii-Nagashima Station

Tsuzurato-toge Pass was once the border between Ise and Kii Provinces. Pilgrims who traveled from Ise to Kumano were awed by a panoramic view of the Kumano-nada Sea when they reached the summit of Tsuzurato-toge Pass. “Tsuzurato” literally means “ninety-nine bends”.

It’s a zigzag path which stretches down from the summit of the pass to Shiko in Kii-Nagashima-cho. On the way, a stone path covered with moss can be found in the forest.
Tsuzurato-toge One can also see the original retaining stone walls on the steep side of the path.
Though this route was replaced with the Nisaka Route lying to the east after the Edo Period (1603 - 1868),
it was used by the local people till the beginning of the Showa Period (1926 - 1989).