Matsumoto-toge Pass to Hanano-iwaya Shrine Route

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Matsumoto-toge Pass to Hanano-iwaya Shrine Route

Pass Overlooking Shichiri-mihama Beach to the Road along the Seashore
About 4.5 Km 2 hrs. from JR Odomri Station to Arii Station


Odomari Station → 0.7 Km 20 mins. → Starting Point → 0.5 Km 20 mins. →
Matsumoto-toge Pass → 0.6 Km 20 mins. → Starting Point → 1.7 Km 40 mins →
Hana-no-iwaya Shrine → 1 Km 20 mins → Arii Station

matsumoto-toge Matsumoto-toge Pass, connecting Odomari and Kinomoto in Kumano City, is located on the mountain side of Oniga-jo, a scenic spot of a rock wall formed by nature. Jizo, a stone statue of the guardian deity of children stands on the pass surrounded with bamboo trees. The jizo is said to have been mistaken for a goblin and shot by a gun. On the way descending the path, a plum forest commands a panoramic view of Shichirimihama Beach. matsumoto-toge A gentle road along the seashore leads to Shingu, passing Hana-no-iwaya Shrine, a huge rock dedicated to Izanami-no-mikoto, a god and creator of the Japanese Islands. It is highly recommended to take a walk on Shichiri-mihama Beach, selected as one of the 100 most beautiful seashores in Japan.