Magose-toge Pass Route

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Fuden-toge Pass Route

Intersection of the Hongu-do Road and the Kitayama-michi Path
About 4 Km, 1 hrs. and 30 mins. from Ippoippo bus stop to Ushiroji bus stop


Ippoippo Bus Stop → 1.7 Km 40 mins. → Junction of Prefectural Road →
0.4 Km. 10 mins → Fuden-toge Pass → 1.5 Km 40 mins → Ushiroji Bus Stop

fuden-toge Fuden-toge Pass forms the boundary between Mihama-cho and Kiwa-cho. the Hongu-do Road coming from Arima leads to the Kitayama-michi Path. The pass played an important role in connecting seaside areas and mountain villages. “Fuden” originally means“wind blowing through”.

fuden-toge Oroshi located at the foot of the pass, is named after “Fuden-oroshi” meaning“ wind blowing down”. Though the ancient trail of Kumano Kodo is now disconnected in some places by Route 311, a former national highway, it still leads to the pass and descends to Kiwa-cho.