Miki-toge Pass to Hago-toge Pass Route

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Miki-toge Pass to Hago-toge Pass Route

Miki-toge Pass Looking over the Sea and Hago-toge Pass with a Long Stone Wild Boar Fence
About 5.7 Km, 2 hrs. from JR Mikisato Station to JR Kata Station


Mikisato Station → 1.9 Km 30 mins. → Starting Point → 0.6 Km 15 mins. →
Miki-toge Pass →1.6 Km 40 mins. → Hagotoge Pass → 0.8 Km 20 mins. →
Akiba-yama Mount → 0.8 Km 15 mins. → Kata Station

miki-toge This scenic trail connects two villages, Mikisato and Kata, by a cove. You can walk the trail overlooking Route 311 stretching along the beautiful coastline. This trail was recently excavated by the local people and has been upgraded in some places with new pavements. Remains of stair-like, mosscovered stone path are found up and down the steep slopes of Miki-toge and Hago-toge Passes, which are located on the cape overlooking the mouth of Katawan Bay.

miki-toge Moss covered rocks can be found in a dry riverbed, reminding hikers of the once popular route where so many pilgrims traveled in ancient times. Shishigaki, the stone wall built to protect against wild boars stretching from Hago-toge Pass is said to be the longest in this area.