We walk Kumano Kodo Street Iseji.

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Another Kumano Kodo Street world heritage Kumano Kodo Street Iseji tour participation offer to go for in JR to take a trip to "prayer way of river!"
Saturday, March 18 - 19 Sunday

"World heritage Kumano Kodo Street Iseji tour that another Kumano Kodo Street to go in JR takes a trip" to "prayer way of river" participation offer!

☆Tour costs are 15000 yen per person 

☆To the first 30 people

[set contents of this plan]

筐JR ticket (Nanki, Kumano Kodo Street-free ticket)

ATaxi movement (access roundtrip in case of three sail embarkation), three sail embarkation of shuttle << second day between Kumano Kodo Street Iseji Pass≫

BAccommodation (per night with breakfast)

CKumano Kodo Street map


★We review point of this tour★

With advantageous character "Nanki, Kumano Kodo Street-free ticket" of Central Japan Railway is three sail embarkation, with pickup and drop-off with taxi more (can get on and off free section of + designation bus getting on and off freely freely in free section of limited express wide view Nanki roundtrip normal car reserved seat +JR line, too)!


筐  At first return ticket rate from the Nagoya area is low with "Nanki, Kumano Kodo Street-free ticket"!

笶キ  There is place that free section bus is available to by access to mountain pass after going down JR to walk Kumano Kodo Street!

笶ク  When we use JR local train to go to hotel after ancient morality walk, it is free! (JR Line-free section: Misedani - Kumano-shi interval)

笶ケ Three sail embarkation of the second day is possible!

笶コ  Time is limited to access to three sail in public transport, but worry of access is useless as pickup and drop-off with taxi include this time!

笶サ  Accommodation is per night with breakfast!


 It is free other than accommodations and three sail embarkation of the second day this time.

How to spend first day? nadoosusume course improves in Facebook; please refer to.


Information of Nanki, Kumano Kodo Street-free ticket↓↓↓




"Prayer way of river"

Route where we ever shipped over person who visited from Hongu, Kumano big shrine sokugyokudaisha to.

"World heritage of river" which was registered with a part of "Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range"

Traditional barge "3tans sail" which continued from old days when we carried traveler and daily commodities without losing in fast flowing stream of the Kumano River called "we act violently river"

You experience punting of the Kumano River with three sail, and please enjoy Kumano Kodo Street walk with set at this opportunity!

※Walk level of each mountain pass is this


■Date Saturday, March 18, 2017 - 19th Sunday

■Until application deadline Friday, March 10, 2017 17:00

■Inquiry application

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It is from 11:00 to 18:00 - 18 on 00/ Sunday/Holiday at 10:00 for> from Monday to Saturday for TEL 052-561-5100 (main) <business hours

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