We walk Kumano Kodo Street Iseji.

Way of good luck end

Sightseeing information

Mandarin orange field

It is trekking riches of the soil in power road

To find Megumi of nature,
To forest where God dwells in.

Prayer way of stone pavement, quiet scenery of mandarin orange field. Here is original scenery of Japan.

 The east Kishu whole area that was covered in deep mountain and forest. In the Kumano Mountains running through Kii peninsula, peaks of 3,600 range. Many ways which spread out into one of deep forest covering the mountains. One is prayer way leading us to the cause of gods of Kumano, Kumano Kodo Street Iseji. Route where Magose-toge Pass extending over Owase-shi and Kihoku-cho above all is said to be "best stone pavement" in Japan. There is way of stone pavement in each place, but is said that it is only here that figure of the Edo era just remains. While we push forward step while feeling positive light to leak out from between trees growing thick thickly, oneself learns at all illusion that it was to ancient traveler. Whenever a lot of historic spots such as big tree of 300 years years old, "guardian deity of children crying at night" or "magose milestone" stop, we think about travelers of Edo unintentionally.

 Good luck that these rich mountains bring is mandarin orange. In Mihama-cho, Seminole, mandarin oranges more than 30 kinds including dekopon are cultivated including general satsuma mandarin orange through the year in sweet summer. As for the landscape which mandarin orange field where we touched yellow fruit heavily follows, it can be said "riches of the soil of this ground.

 In addition, Megumi of nature is kept alive to industrial art object. Bending bentwood ware is specialties of Owase. With container to bend hinoki which we sharpened thinly to circle, and to make, we are used for lunch boxes. "Owase Wappa" that high quality hinoki brought up in rich water and sun is made all with ground of rainy much Owase to materials by hand. This is attractive "riches of the soil" that the richness of nature and wisdom of person who lived together were jam-packed, too.

Riches of the soil illustrated book

A lot of blessings of the rich mountains including industrial art object using citruses, tree and stone growing up under the warm climate.

Mandarin orange
(whole east Kishu)

Mandarin oranges more than 30 kinds are cultivated in the east Kishu whole area through one year.

Niihime (we are and hide)

New kind that was discovered in Kumano. It features refreshing flavor and acidity.

Mayer lemon
(Mihama-cho, Kiho-cho)

We are proud of the best amount of production in Japan. Taste that there is little acidity, and is mellow. As there is little bitterness, we can eat every skin.

Sour orange (bitter orange) ponzu

Ponzu vinegar which is full of taste using sour orange from hometown. We match any dish.

Owase Wappa

We are made using high quality Owase hinoki carefully by hand. It is most suitable for lunch box.

Nachiguro (nachiguro)
Stone industrial art object (Kumano-shi)

Nachi Kuroishi who is produced alone in Kumano-shi. We are processed into inkstone, paper weight and are popular.