We walk Kumano Kodo Street Iseji.

Way of good luck end

With way of Kumano Kodo Street Iseji good luck end

Mysterious power road, Ise - Hananoiwaya Shinto shrine - Kumano.

To trip in search of "good luck" that history and nature brought up.

We walk way linking two major sacred places, Kumano Kodo Street Iseji

Walked; only with "good luck" way which links Kumano to Ise.

Japanese old sacred place, way, Kumano Kodo Street to visit Kumano. We continued telling in history, and, as for the distance that a great number of people carved with footprint from old days of Heian to today, the history was registered with world heritage of the UNESCO in 2004.

 Kumano pilgrimage is the fashion among nobles taking advantage of nature faith that God dwells in huge rock or waterfall being born in the ground of Kumano in ancient old days, and Kumano going out of Shirakawa ex-emperor having been performed in the Heian era. We opened among general public in the Edo era.

 One which was particularly popular in route going to Kumano from each place aims at Kumano sanzan from Ise Grand Shrine
It is "Kumano Kodo Street Iseji". Spiritual power road that the distance of 170km links sacred place.
From Ise Grand Shrine where finished removal of a shrine in year of anniversary, and hid new power in another sacred place, Kumano
It is the only way to aim at. We assume huge rock which soars to look down at the sea object of worship,
"Hananoiwaya Shinto shrine" said to be the Japanese oldest Shinto shrine leaves feature of the Edo era; is beautiful
It is dotted with power spots including gap of stone pavement. When we actually set foot,
We learn sense that mind and body are washed, and is filled with power. On this ground
Megumi of heart of mountain, river, the sea and people brings what it is in,
Various "good luck." If walk this ground; such a treasure surely
We are found and seem to be able to step forward to one step of the new life.

Old days are still power spots, too.
Basic knowledge of Kumano pilgrimage.

Kumano sanzan which people visited all together from old days of the Heian era. At big sacred place worshiped along with Ise in "Ise seven times Kumano so that there was the word to say three times"; as for whom was the longed-for ground to pray for when wanted to visit.
The ground of Kumano deep in the mountain that many people demanded the help regardless of social position and rank and aimed at in hope of refreshment from each places of the whole country.
It was Kumano Kodo Street Iseji where the representative route led to from "Ise".

By expressway extension
Access good from Nagoya, Osaka!

East Kishu and Nagoya are connected directly than whole line opening of the period group Expressway on expressway. Access from Kansai area was good and became recreation spot that Kumano Kodo Street Iseji was a lot imminent, and was easy.

Ise Grand Shrine

Sightseeing information

We show around way of good luck inherited ancient times

  • Riches of the soil
  • Good luck of river
  • Good luck of village
  • Blessing of the sea