We walk Kumano Kodo Street Iseji.

Way of good luck end

Sightseeing information

Owase fishing port

Blessing of the sea which both heart and stomach are filled with

We cannot meet in beach resort,
Charm of the true sea.

The magnificent shore, scenery of some good old fishing port. Trip to sense area, the richness bodily to sea.

 Mie having shoreline which is long in the north and south. Particularly, the Kumano-Nada sea coast leading Kumano Kodo Street Iseji is hometown of the rich sea having different expression called linear shoreline from complicated Rias coast, Kumano-shi between Shima, Ise area and Owase-shi and to the south. A lot of port towns where fishery is prosperous are proud of Mie outstanding fish catches to east Kishu for a long time. We go to Kii-Nagashima, Owase, Yuki, and the whole area is dotted with fishing ports which are Udono udononado big things and small things state state. Various blessing of the sea is landed in each place every season including yellowtail and Ise lobster in oval squid and beltfish and winter in grunt and saurel, autumn, and tourist can enjoy skipjack and red sea bream, summer in spring at local guest house and restaurant, too.

 It is way of enjoying seas here to taste nostalgic, quiet atmosphere and product of such a small fishing port. In addition, it entrusts the position to magnificent scenery, and it is one of the pleasure to feel strength and size of nature with skin. Shichiri Mihama Beach which is famous as scenic tourist attraction features beautiful scenery of shoreline more than 20km facing the Kumano-Nada sea. Everyday trouble and stress disappeared somewhere all too soon when we looked at violent wave raising pure white spray, and being repeated, and flocking. It may be "blessing of the sea" which is wonderful at such time.

Blessing of the sea illustrated book

Complicatedly complicated Rias coast, shoreline which lengthens straight for a long time. The sea showing various expressions is treasure house of good luck.

Sea lettuce paste (Kihoku-cho)

When put in the miso soup, is bright; become green, and there is flavor of beach.

Fishery products (whole east Kishu)

In Kuroshio Current east Kishu area to be faced with dancing Kumano-Nada sea, we can enjoy fresh fishery products.

Deep-ocean water salt product (Owase-shi)

Including eight kinds of salt, products such as salt ponzu vinegar, Salty fried sweet potatos are popular.

Manbo dish (Kihoku-cho)

We can enjoy in guest houses of Kihoku-cho. Small dish dishes which proprietress devised are exquisite.

Watari oyster (Kihoku-cho)

Mellow, refined taste. Taste as we are called "fantastic oyster." (crop time: for from November to February at the time)

Sanma-zushi (whole east Kishu)

In opening a fish, Owase and to the north, it is opened stomach Kumano and to the south. It seems to be pleasant to compare by eating.