We walk Kumano Kodo Street Iseji.

Way of good luck end

Sightseeing information

Three sail of the Kumano River

To feel anion; good luck of river

Another Kumano Kodo Street,
We take a trip to "prayer way of river".

Among 3600, Kumano peaks, we go down the Kumano River flowing in a grand manner with barge.

 - which is silent, and walks mountain path where trees grow thick more than some steep mountain passes thickly. Kumano pilgrimage may have many people having such an image. But Kumano Kodo Street has another important face. It prayer way "of" river. It is route where we ever shipped over person visiting from Hongu, Kumano big shrine sokugyoku hayatama big shrine to. It was registered by some UNESCO of world heritage "Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range", and this section became world heritage "of" river for the first time in those days in the world. Of the Kumano River called "act violently river" is characteristic ship which raise sail of continuing traditional barge "3tans sail sandampo" three pieces to mast, and arrest wind, and what carried traveler and daily commodities advances from old days of Heian to without losing in fast flowing stream. We can experience punting with three sail in "Kumanogawa Taikan Juku", and trip of unhurried river which rotates while enjoying magnificent scenery of both sides and voice of chicken is comfortableness that seems to be habit-forming now. Boatman and Yoshikazu Tanigami who is the only barge carpenter in Kumano River basin. When ask "good luck" of the Kumano River where got used to since the days of child; "natural sweet fish, eel, Japanese dace, zugani (Eriocheir japonicus)…You were able to teach "and natural good flavor only in clear stream. Tanigami to tell "to repay kindness now because we had this river raise." When himself is good luck "of important" river, we realize.

 Besides, east Kishu including mei* seen in clear stream, Choshi river of Kihoku-cho and each area is dotted with famous places of beautiful water. In the middle of ancient morality walk, we seem to be able to spend cool time healed heart.

Good luck illustrated book of river

Clear stream which pull deep valley, and flows into Kumano-Nada sea. From there, good luck "of much" rivers is born.

Choshi river

Transparency is very high and sees seawater and border of fresh water in mouth of river.

Amago(red-spotted trour) of Akakura

Amago(red-spotted trour) which is cultivated in upper Kumano River. The feature is that appearance is beautiful, and there is not smell.

Waterfall of cloth stretching (nunobiki)

One of 100 selections of Japanese waterfalls. It is known even that it was line place of mountaineering asceticism.

Waterfall of snowstorm (hisetsu)

Venerable mei* to come from Chinese poetry of Yorinobu Tokugawa. In the outskirts in the promenade.