We walk Kumano Kodo Street Iseji.

Higashikishu Chikishinko Kousha

About request of Kumano Kodo Street guide

Kumano Kodo Street which is handed down
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Kumano Kodo Street guide

"Kumano Kodo Street guide club" is group guiding Kumano Kodo Street Iseji.

We show around world heritage Kumano Kodo Street Iseji, and Kumano Kodo Street guide club explains history, culture, nature of Kumano Kodo Street happily.

Superb view to overlook from monument, mountain pass ticking away beautiful stone pavement, history. There is a lot of highlight in Kumano Kodo Street Iseji.

Be involved in nature of Kumano and the history and culture with guide on foot, and do you not experience trip to remember?

Q. What kind of merit is there when we walk with guide?

A. Pleasant commentary hear history, culture, nature of Kumano Kodo Street in detail when we walk with guide and can understand true value of Kumano Kodo Street which is way of faith. In addition, one that gap begins although we are maintained, and walks thinks that we worry. But pace distribution is done if same as guide and can walk safely in peace.

Q. How much does it cost to ask for guide?

A. It is 5,000 yen per one mountain pass (except Yakiyama-goe). We can walk with guide with burden of 1,000 yen per person if we ask for guide in five people. (5,000 yen /5 = 1,000 yen)

Q. When you walk only in women, can you hope for guide of woman?

A. Possible. There is a lot of guide of woman, too.

You have matter necessary for "Kumano Kodo Street Iseji guide club request list" fill out after having had you read the following instructions when Kumano Kodo Street (Iseji) guide is asked for, and send by FAX (Kinan Office FAX 0597-89-6184) to Higashikishu Chikishinko Kousha. Please apply for one that does not have FAX than the following form in personal visitors.

※As a general rule, send request list within two weeks before day desired. You want request just before that, and please note that you may not attach.

As we contact person that full name, contact information of guide were asked for by FAX if we arrange guide, we will have you make arrangements with guide directly afterwards.

※As for the Magose-toge Pass, Crossing Yakiyama Mount,Hadasu-no-michi Pass Route,Obuki-toge Pass,Kannon-michi Pass Route,Matsumoto-toge Pass,Tori-toge Pass Maruyama-senmaida, guide by English was enabled. if you like, please fill in the effect of English guide hope in the remarks column of request list.

Please download guide request list from guide request list this. (PDF)

Instructions when we ask for Kumano Kodo Street (Iseji) guide

  1. 1.Basic route which Kumano Kodo Street guide club shows around is as follows.
    Kihoku area Period south area
    1.Tsuzurato-toge Pass Kihoku-cho 9.Nigishima-toge Pass - Okamizaka-toge Pass Kumano-shi
    2.Nisaka-toge Pass Kihoku-cho 10.Hadasu Pass Kumano-shi
    3.Ikkoku-toge Pass - Hirakata-toge Pass - Kumagaya Kihoku-cho 11.Obuki-toge Pass Kumano-shi
    4.Hajikami-toge Pass Kihoku-cho 12.The Kannon Pass Kumano-shi
    5.Magose-toge Pass Kihoku-cho - Owase-shi 13.Matsumoto-toge Pass Kumano-shi
    6.Yakiyama-goe Owase-shi 14.Hananoiwaya Kumano-shi
    7.Miki-toge Pass - Hago-toge Pass Owase-shi 15.Yokogaki Pass ※It is impossible of traffic partly now Kumano-shi
    8.Sonejiro-zaka & Taro-zaka Owase-shi - Kumano-shi 16.Fuden-toge Pass Mihama-cho - Kumano-shi
        17.Tori-toge Pass Kumano-shi
        18.The road along the beach(the north) Kumano-shi - Mihama-cho
        19.The road along the beach(the south) Mihama-cho - Kiho-cho
  2. 2.Hand base rate directly as soon as guide information for mountain pass ends 1 mountain pass 5,000 yen a day per one guide as cost. In addition, please be careful as it is 10,000 yen about Yakiyama-goe course of (6).
    In the case of 2 mountain passes a day, it is 10,000 yen. When we can cope in guide of one from distance, area in course to show around (when we include Yakiyama-goe 15,000 yen) more than 3 mountain passes a day, we apply rate in case of 2 Pass.
  3. 3.Kumano Kodo Street guide club assumes that we explain the history or historic spot of Kumano Kodo Street main activity. While participants have you be careful by each person about walk as sports trekking and guidance of mountain climbing become out of activity, we hope that we have you walk at pace of guide.
  4. 4.Please submit this request table two weeks before date with margin.
    In addition, at wait time with guide, please perform meetings of places by all means by the day before.
  5. 5.It is request to sponsors of Kumano Kodo Street walk, but hopes that we have you wear to participating person and offer practiced shoes, clothes, rain outfit of hiking. In addition, person having cell-phone charges enough before walking by all means, and please bring familiar stick if you have.
  6. 6.Please follow one tour conductor because of one bus to have visitor walk safely in peace.
    It is said that, as a general rule, the number of people that one guide shows around is to 20 people.
  7. 7.We can be irreparable on the day if we run tour at a stretch when weather is dangerous badly. When you are anxious about local weather, in consultation with our secretariat or guide, please make a precise decision.
  8. 8.Please make setting at time when you had room. It becomes uneasy mentally if we approach at dusk when we descend a mountain and becomes in particular at great risk of accident, accident.
  9. 9.As the guide training, non-guide of arrangement may go together, but thank you for your understanding. In this case I will inform by the day before.

... Kumano Kodo Street guide club secretariat ... (reference, guide request reception desk window)

Higashikishu Chikishinko Kousha

Kinan Office TEL 0597-89-6172
      FAX 0597-89-6184

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