We walk Kumano Kodo Street Iseji.

Way of good luck end

Sightseeing information

Scenery of Oroshi

Good luck of delicious thing heaven village

From warmth of person of the hand
Taste of village to be born.

It is the most delicious to eat here. We eat local cuisine only in hometown exhaustively.

 When when we wanted to meet stomach in the middle of trip, we were tired of walking and wanted to rest mind and body incidentally. Dining room serving local delicious things and time to spend in good cafe of atmosphere may be the best happiness. For good luck "of such" heart, we walked town of Owase.

 "Yume-kodo Owase" in Yamate of several minutes and "Temma temma Zhuang cafe" overlooking Owase Port are right places that can taste such a happiness by car from center of city. In shop "Yume-kodo Owase which local expert housewives show arm in each," we can enjoy lunch buffet using seasonal ingredients of hometown. It is homemade side dish of local "mother" including tatsuta-fried of mackerel in spring in takikomi gohan, winter of new rice in fish dishes, autumns such as offing gisu or grunt in tempura, summer of wild plants that is behaved. If it becomes full, it extends a trip to "Temma Zhuang cafe", and it looks good to enjoy outside scenery with dessert leisurely.

 In addition, in Mie called rice granary of 1, West Japan, east Kishu is dotted with production centers of much high quality rice. We can eat the rice more deliciously, and "Mehari-zushi" is local cuisine coming to this area whole area for a long time. We wrap freshly cooked rice with moderate salty taste and takana pickles of brisk texture. However, this may be because it is taste "of" hometown to be born simply because we grasp by hand of person that is so tasteful.

Good luck illustrated book of village

Good luck "of" village which we fully receive blessings of nature, and hand of person brings up. A lot of things which are so still delicious in Japan.

Mehari-zushi (whole east Kishu)

Local cuisine of the east Kishu whole area. We can still enjoy taste every shop while leaving tradition.

Oroshi (Oroshi) rice

We produce in Tanada of Mihama-cho area Oroshi. Delicious rice which tenacity resists with luster.

Iwashimizu pork (Mihama-cho)

Relief, safe pork which raised only delicious Iwashimizu as drinking water.

Kumano Jidori (Kumano-shi)

It features Jidori original body and flavor. High quality chicken which was authorized by Mie-pref brand.

Mi Kumano beef (Kumano-shi)

The breeding, soft fleshy substance and heavy taste are characteristics in Nature of Kumano.

kuki pickles (Kihoku-cho)

Local traditional pickle. It is local flow to eat to half-dried bonito and soy ginger and laying upon rice of bonito.