We walk Kumano Kodo Street Iseji.

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News (east Kishu industry activation business promotion meeting) of from Friday, January 27, 2017 to 29th Sunday "east Kishu special product fair IN ion Owase store" holding

■The date and time: From Friday, January 27, 2017 to 29th Sunday three days from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.       
※It becomes the end as soon as product disappears on the third day.

■Place: Ion Owase store the first floor special event space 2-17, Kuranotanicho, Owase-shi, Mie

1.Competition for Kumano-shi, Mihama-cho citrus fruit supplier four (we hit park seven village Mihama, oyster farm, Mihama citrus fruit, Kanayama pilot farm) work mandarin orange juice drink, combined sales
◎We value the purchase more than sale at the list price, two, and, about combined sales, only one is discounted by 100 yen to five visitors of request
We subtract example) two from the check 200 yen and pull three 300 yen and pull four 400 yen and are discounted by 500 yen if it is five 
<in the case of the product two purchase of 1,000 yen> 1,000 yen *2 = 2,000 yen discount 200 yen 1,800 yen

2.Sale of 100% of Mihama-cho "Takami farm" Mayer lemon fruit juice

3.Gyoza sampling sale of Kihoku-cho "Kii-Nagashima" fish

4.Kiho-cho "patisuriafureiru" sake pound cake "oroshi" (Oroshi) sampling sale
◎Sake pound cake "oroshi" (Oroshi) is pound cake which afureiru developed using sake lees of sake made with liquor rice (ear of God) which Mihama-cho area Oroshi, dream Aguri cultivated.

5.Kumano Kodo Street Iseji WAON card PR
◎Kumano Kodo Street Iseji WAO card is electronic money that we can use in national WAON participation shop. 0.1% of amounts of money that did shopping using this card are contributed and are utilized for preservation activity of "world heritage Kumano Kodo Street Iseji".

6.Kiho-cho tortoise Ranger, PR with happiwaon mascot
◎It is collaboration with kyarakutahappiwaon of WAON card which it loves that mascot of Kihochou known as town where Umigame comes to for laying eggs, the name sing going one and song for shopping with mother with robalo Ranger of "Kiho squadron tortoise Ranger" leader.

East Kishu industry activation business promotion meeting (secretariat Higashikishu Chikishinko Kousha)
Conduct is driven by event: Sightseeing sale systems

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